zehn Jahre / dix ans / diez años / ten years

January 20, 2001, Pierce County Court House, Tacoma Washington.  I stood next to a beautiful young woman before a judge, surrounded by her mother, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law.  A short (3-month) “courtship”, if you could call it that, and two-week engagement culminating in us exchanging our wedding vows, committing to love each other until death do us part.

January 20, 2011, West Seattle Washington.  The beautiful young woman I stood next to is still just as beautiful in my eyes,  I love her more today than I did ten years ago.

We’ve lived through our own personal challenges.  We’ve had changes.  We’ve gotten through some, we’re in the middle of others.  Through it all, we’ve had each other.

To the woman I love more than anything:  Thank you for loving me and giving me 10 years that really, through it all, have been wonderful despite the challenges.  My wish for us, and my intentions on our 10th wedding anniversary, are for many MANY more years that grow increasingly happy, improved health for you, and decreased burdens we carry, enabling us to re-find the joy we revelled in during years past.

I love you, Maurie.


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