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10-year anniversary trip

It’s been a week or so since our anniversary, and our trip to the Oregon coast to celebrate.  Maurie’s been putting up some blog posts over at Mindful Mixture about the trip.  You can read what’s up so far here, here and here.

She’s got a lot of good stuff up there, and I’m not going to essentially repeat a lot of it.  Instead I’m going to offer some very brief reflections on the trip.

It’s awesome having family that are willing to drive across town each day to feed the feline overlords/ladies.  Since returning to Seattle, we’ve only ventured out for single night trips, because that is about as long as we felt that the cats can safely fast (we feed raw food, so we can’t just leave a bowl of food out for them).  So to Mom: Thank you!

It’s been WAY too long since we’ve done this.  When Maurie and I first got together, we got out a lot.  We backpacked a lot.  For various reasons, that stopped, as did a lot of our traveling around in are area.  We got in a rut, simply put.

This is the most awesome riding lawnmower ever!

Old-school riding lawn mower ;-)
Old-school riding lawn mower, Clatskanie, OR

Our rain gear no longer holds up to coastal winter rain storms.  Yes we got wet soaked.  But it was worth it.

Cannon Beach desperately needs a real coffee shop.  A nice place to grab a cup of coffee and sit in a comfortable chair in front of a window or fire and read a book or talk.  Not a place where you feel obligated to buy a full meal.

The beach in the winter is awesome, especially when the storms roll in.  Coastal storm-watching is awesome!

If you want raccoons to try to interrupt your dinner have crab.  If you want them to leave you alone, have vegetarian black bean chili.

The beach puts a smile on your face

On the beach on our 10th anniversary
On the beach on our 10th anniversary

It still amazes me the closeness you can get through online acquaintances.  I shouldn’t be too surprised, I first met Maurie online, and we have had several friends with whom we’ve gone backpacking and otherwise spent some really good times with.  On the way we stopped to meet one of Maurie’s blogging friends, Ecogrrl, in person as we passed through Portland.  They got on like two school classmates who have known each other for a long time.  It was awesome to see.

I leave you with two more photos.

Home for a few days
Home for a few days

Raven & Western Gull at the Nehalem Bay State Park boat Launch
Raven & Western Gull at the Nehalem Bay State Park boat Launch



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