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Sometimes it seems like yesterday

Maurie at Lena Lake Trailhead
Maurie at Lena Lake Trailhead

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes upon your true love?  I can remember it like it was yesterday, not eleven years ago.

Maurie and I were both active on a web forum for backpackers.  For a few years running, those of us in the northwest got together for a weekend backpacking trip.  In 2000, we headed for Lena Lake. I was the last of the group that we meeting that friday afternoon to show up.  I remember pulling up to the trailhead and seeing everyone waiting.  I was driving a friend from work who was joining us.  As we pulled up, I saw this beautiful young blonde at the trailhead and I remember saying to him “Dang, she’s cute.  Too bad she’s taken!”

Well, over the course of the weekend, we found that we really clicked with each other.  We joked a bunch.  Jokes that bordered on flirty.  I remember when she was cooking dinner on Saturday and kept asking me to hold this or do that, I finally told her that if she asked me to do one more thing, she’d have to marry me!  Um…she did!

So, as I’m sitting here, thinking about our weekend getaway for a quick overnight backpack trip this weekend, I can’t help thinking back to that weekend and smiling.   It was a great start to our life together, with all its ups and downs.  I look forward to many more years, and many more miles on the trail!


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