A Day Begins

For my birthday, my parents gave me a copy of The Poet’s Notebook as a gift.  My mother tells me that she likes my voice when I write poetry, and I get the feeling that they’d like to see and read more of it.  So, in honoring their gift, and hopes for it, here is my first entry:

A Day Begins

It’s cold on the gently rocking dock
A lone gull perches on one leg
Head tucked

I step out of the dark morning
Into the dimly-lit ferry cabin
And sit

I look up from my journal
The city is all lights
The stadium arch is lit
In greens and blues
The cranes at the wharf
Towering above the
Empty piers

Above it all
The sky grows pink
And orange
As the sun rises behind the Cascades

Exiting the ferry
I look back
The Olympics begin to show
Pale contrast against a lightening sky

I walk up the ramp
On the pilings of the old
Public Landing
I see the birds perched
Gulls, cormorants, and
A Heron, hunch-backed
In the morning light

And so
Another day begins


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