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With a low buzz
A flash of color
Crosses the porch

To the pole outside
Of our dining room

Invisible wings beat
As he dips his long bill
Into the metal “flowers”
Of the feeder

He hovers outside the window
Looking in

I swear I hear him think
You’ve had your breakfast,
Now where’s mine?

Yes, Mr. Hummingbird
I’ll refill your feeder now


2 thoughts on “Hummingbird

  1. I love the poem. Lucky you that the hummingbirds are coming around. I faithfully clean and refill my feeders and I haven’t seen a single one in the last month. Sadness!

    1. That’s odd, Mom. I’d expect there to be a few Anna’s to be hanging around. Hopefully they’ll find yours soon enough. More and more flowers starting to blossom, should begin to attract them.

      We even saw some honey bees on the rosemary blossoms a week or two ago!

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