Poetry · Sacred Spaces

Sunset Show

Lining the rail
Shoulder to shoulder
Shading eyes from the sun
Clutching cameras
Peering through binoculars


A puff of spray
Fins cut the surface
A head rises from the water
And sinks back again
Tails slap, and

Shutters click
Sentences trail off…
Into amazed gasps
We cheer
Waiting for the next act
In this amazing
Sunset Show

On Monday evening, the some of our resident orcas were off Alki.  I got a call from Maurie at about 5:15 telling me that they were there, and if I wanted to see them, I better make good time home.  I made it in time to see them passing Alki Point and moving south towards Vashon Island.  I don’t see the orcas nearly as much as I would like to, but when I do, they serve as just one more reminder why I love this area.

Here’s another:


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