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Enter Autumn

Leaves changing
From green to
Gold or orange
Or flaming crimson

Leaves pile up
In front and back yards
Or blow down the streets
And mass in gutters

Pumpkins pile
On front porches
And sheaves of corn stalks
Decorate front doors

Night and morning
Take on a sharper edges
Windy and dark and
Sometimes rainy

Short sleeves
And sandals
Give way to sweaters
And boots

Nearly a month after Autumn officially started, we’re really starting to see it happen here in Seattle. Over the weekend, we capped off a record setting streak of dry weather.  Yes our Autumn rains have begun in earnest.

Seasons are in constant flux, one giving way to another.  Yet two seem to be most active, most representative of change and transition: Spring and Autumn.  There’s something about Autumn though.  Perhaps it’s all the years I spent looking forward to Winter and snow, and the coming of ski season that makes Autumn a welcome time for me.  Maybe it’s just that I love the wind and the colors and kicking through piles of fallen leaves.

On Sunday, Maurie and I took off to Fall City Farm to pick some pumpkins.  OK, we may have gotten a little crazy out there.  But I look around the house, at the pumpkins arranged on the front porch and the pumpkins and winter squash decorating the hearth inside, and I feel a warmth and coziness that this time of year seems to bring to my heart.

Welcome, Autumn, it’s nice to see you again!


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