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Travel Light

I remember sitting
Around the table on the boat

Talking about
Of all things

One of those
At the table
Told of one she saw

A co-worker’s
Inside her right wrist read
Travel light

And it clicked
It stuck in my mind
And made me question

How do I travel light?
Or do I?
What does it mean to me?

Do we get rid of all our stuff
And live out of backpacks
Or the back of our car?

Or is it mental
A state of mind
Free from worry or regret?

Maybe it’s both
Having what really matters
To live life to the fullest


9 thoughts on “Travel Light

  1. I really do like the idea of traveling light, literally. In my early years of traveling we were hauling our family off to China to teach for a year at a time. We never traveled light then! I am learning now to travel lighter now with out having to haul so much stuff. I especially like the idea of traveling light through this world in a spiritual sense, by letting go of what weighs me down mentally and emotionally. Releasing, forgiving, hoping, looking for the bright side of things helps me with this. Thanks for asking the question!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, and I was able to stimulate some thought on it. Thank you for your reply and sharing your thoughts. Be well, and my you travel light as best suits you!

  2. Good question! I think the physicality of travelling light lends itself to the lightness of mind – the less important or expensive things you have on you on the road, the more you free your mind from worrying about material possessions, the more open you are to trusting others, and bigger, different experiences.

    Speaking of tattoos though, a friend of mine has a compass on the inside of her left wrist, with the words “seek your heart’s desire”. Possibly one of the cooler tatts I’ve seen!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Peggy. I like that correlation between the physicality of traveling light and the mental lightness. Excellent insight.

      I like the idea of the compass tattoo your friend has. Really a neat one!

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