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In the Music of the Evening

I sit on the forest floor
As the last rays of sunlight
Disappear over the horizon
Listening to the sounds
Of robins
And a canopy full of songbirds
All calling their good-nights
In the distance
A lone owl calls

Twilight deepens
And the birds grow quiet
The burble of the creek is more audible
And forms the melody for the evening
The sound of cars on the distant road
Crescendo and decrescendo in the background

It is to this music I sit and observe
The moss-covered log to my left
May form a bridge across the gully
For the light, four-footed inhabitants
Thin huckleberry branches arch overhead
Forming lace-like arbors
And right in front of me
Leaves growing low to the ground sway
In an almost imperceptible breeze

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