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Central Oregon Bound!


I was writing in my journal yesterday about our upcoming move to Central Oregon.  As I was writing, I got to thinking about how we’ve picked a destination and are working towards moving there.  We didn’t have a lot of details at the time we made the decision, and we’re still working on them.  The idea made me think of the people who packed up their belongings into Conestoga wagons and set out along the Oregon Trail, seeking to create new lives for themselves.  They left with so many details to be worked out, knowing that along the way, they will all fall into place.

After writing, I had this image in my mind and I just had to get it onto paper.


3 thoughts on “Central Oregon Bound!

  1. So starts the adventure. I had the same kind of thing happen to me in 2003. I ended up relocating to Southern California. Although we are further away from family and friends that we would like to be we are very glad we made the jump. I wish the same luck to you, my friend , on this brave change you face!

  2. Thanks, Rob. It’s going to be quite the adventure, and we’re looking forward to it. What I didn’t mention in the post, is that my wife spent her early childhood in the area. I have spent the thirteen years we’ve been together showing her my childhood backyard, now it’s her turn!

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