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October Snow

Softly swirling down
Frosting tree leaves
With delicate white

I imagine children
Daydreaming in class
As I once did
Of snowball fights
At recess

And the snowfall stops
Leaving a light dusting
A tease of things to come

The first snowfall came to Bend this morning.  We sat in the office at home, drinking our tea and coffee, watching the rooftops and our deck become coated in white.  The yard across the alley gradually began to accumulate snow in the grass, as the ground cooled.  At our bird feeders, the birds were busy trying to get as much food as possible.



2 thoughts on “October Snow

  1. I love this Mark, I think it is your best yet – you are really growing as a writer and it is awesome to watch!! And, I am jealous…no snow here yet but I have high hopes for this Winter. For now, time to enjoy the beautiful leaves and yes, the birds scurrying to fill their tummies against the cold.

    1. Thanks, Marla. The snow lasted most of one day, but it was nice to have. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m finding my groove again with writing. It’ll get more regular!

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