Winter’s Arrival

The first snow of the season arrived overnight. In honor of the occasion I share with you this morning’s poem.

It’s a day for sweaters and wool socks
Steaming mugs of coffee and hot cocoa
Fires in fireplaces and bowls of soup

It’s a day for snowball fights
And building snow people
Sliding down hills on plastic sleds

In the middle of autumn
Winter arrived today
With determination

Days of clear weather
Became cold and cloudy
And snow arrived overnight

Out my window is a blur of falling snow
Stuck to the trunks of trees
And burying potted plants

I will put on boots and a warm jacket
And stomp in the snow
Listening to it crunch underfoot

Icicles will hang from my beard
And my nose will redden from the cold
And all the while, I will grin like a little boy

I have to confess I love Winter. OK, that may be a “well, duh” statement to people that know me.  What can I say, just call me Captain Obvious.  There’s just something about the snow that thrills me.  I love the cool weather and even the flat out COLD we get during the Winter.  I love the warm sweaters and down jackets, and scratchy knit hats and glove.  I love fires in fireplaces and wood  burning stoves.  I love the sound of the snow as it crunches under my boots and squeaks under my snowshoes.  I  am looking forward to skiing again this winter (after many off the slopes) with my return to being a ski instructor.

When we moved to Bend, as much as I was looking forward to the warm high-desert summers and swimming and paddling the lakes and rivers here, I was also looking forward to experiencing a mountain winter.  We really had one last year, even getting three feet of snow in one day.  From the looks of today’s snowfall, we may be getting it again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to bundle up and go enjoy the snow!

I hope you all enjoy the second half of your autumn, whatever the weather brings your way1


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Arrival

  1. Ah Mark, I so love this poem. I too am a cold weather creature. And even the forecast of snow turns me in to the wide-eyed 5 year old who saw snow the first time ever in Lake Tahoe…we didn’t have those feathers from the heavens often in San Francisco. Thank you for reminding me what is to come, I hope, for the Tacoma area!! Raising my mug of coffee to you!

    1. Thank you, Marla! Maurie and I both love how you put snow;”feathers from the heavens.” Nice poetic ring to it! I’m sitting in the easy chair in the office right now looking at our neighbor children across the alleyway playing in the snow and digging up slabs to make snow forts with.

      I hope that you get your snow to enjoy…without all the craziness that seems to accompany it in the Puget Sound area!

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