The other day, we were walking along the creek here on the farm, enjoying the spring day. As we stood under a western red cedar near where Maurie likes to sit and enjoy the creek, I noticed the fairy house she’d made a couple of months ago. When we came back up to the house, I wrote this poem and thought it would be fun to see what art it would inspire. I left the poem on the desk when I went to work, and when I came home, the art piece below was one of several she’d created that afternoon. Enjoy the poem and one of Maurie’s works of art!

I saw the tree
As I walked
Down the sidewalk
Bark was peeled off
Down low, in an
Uneven arch
The wood below
Weathered and gray
It looked like a door
With the wildflowers
Growing off to the sides
And the flat stone out
In front, like a porch
And I wondered
Who lives in there?

Art by Maurie Kirschner, The Green Woman
Art by Maurie Kirschner, The Green Woman

You can visit Maurie’s blog at: https://followinghercuriosity.wordpress.com/


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